A One-Stop Guide for When to Buy a Mattress

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If you are like most people, your mattress comprises a very important part of your life. You spend nearly a third of your time there, and the quality of the time you spend there can affect the rest of your day. The problem, though, is that mattresses can be a significant investment.

So, you have been scouring Google trying to find a better mattress that will deal with your back problem or your spouse’s snoring problem without breaking the bank. Well, you have come to the right place! We are going to tell you when to buy a mattress so that you can get the best possible deal.

Overstock Sales

An overstock sale is when a retailer is trying to account for the fact that it has ordered too much stock. Retailers use these sales as a way of clearing out their old inventory to make way for new lines of inventory.

Retailers need to have these overstock sales periodically because one of the biggest expenses for them is real estate: they have to pay for the space that it takes to store and display their merchandise. Not only is this cost substantial, but it is a fixed thing. They cannot make their warehouses bigger just because they have more mattresses to store, so they need to make the most of what they have by getting rid of unwanted product quickly.

The best way to find out about overstock sales is to just keep an eye on local media and local mattress storefronts. Stores will often advertise their overstock sales on the radio, in printed media, or with signs displayed at their locations.

Overstock sales usually happen in the spring and autumn, as these are the times in which most retailers renew their inventory. They will receive large shipments of new products all at once, which means that the existing products must go quickly.

There are actually some retailers that host “overstock sales” that are essentially fake, in that they are planned long beforehand and not an accident. The effect for consumers is the same in the end, though, because these retailers are just getting stock cheap by buying in bulk and then using their price advantage to be competitive in the market.


New Store Openings

If a new mattress store is opening in your area, you may want to go by its grand opening and have a look. In many cases, new stores will have killer offers initially in order to get people in the door and spread the word.

One creative way of finding new store openings is by going to employment websites. Use search terms like “mattress” or “furniture” to search for jobs in your area. In most cases, the opening of a new store will become evident when they start posting lots of job listings. These listings actually tend to appear before the store even opens, giving early birds a significant advantage in landing the best deals.

Another way of finding out about new store openings is by just driving around in your city. Businesses do their best to make their grand openings very visible by posting signs and banners wherever they can.


Inventory Taking and Restocking

At the end of the year, companies go through an inventory check. When they do this, they often find stock that is outdated. It may still be new in the sense that no one has owned it previously, but with new models coming in, they may assume that it will be difficult to sell the old models.

When companies do find outdated stock through inventory taking and restocking, they will often sell it at a significant discount, as is done with overstock sales.

Unlike overstock sales, deals resulting from inventory taking and restocking tend to appear toward the end of the calendar year. Also, they are not usually advertised either in print media or on the Internet. Instead, you have to go to the store itself and look for signs offering specials. This happens because the deals arising from this source do not involve as much stock as some other kinds of promotions.

Another option is to directly ask the store management if they are running any specials on old merchandise. Again, though, opportunities like this generally only happen toward the end of the year, so you should not ask mattress retailers about things like this in May.


When New Models Come Out

New mattress models do not necessarily come out at the end of the calendar year. They can come out in any month of the year. When they do come out, the natural tendency of retailers is to cut the prices of their older models to make room for these newer ones.

This approach is a little trickier than the other approaches. While this situation may sound like what happens with an overstock sale, they are different. An overstock sale occurs because the retailer just does not have any more room for stock, regardless of what that stock is.

When a new model comes out, the retailer may actually have room in storage. However, it does not make sense to continue storing an old mattress model when you have its replacement in stock as well. In this case, the thing to do is to get rid of the old model as soon as possible.

To find opportunities like this, look for advertisements given by retailers in which they state that they have just received new models. Contact them and ask if the previous model in that line is still available and ask about pricing.



Furniture retailers have found that holidays present a good opportunity for offering special promotions. This is because people have time and families are at home together. They tend to not offer promotions on the “big” holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving because people tend to actually have other things to do, though such promotions certainly do exist.

For other holidays such as Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day, furniture promotions – and mattress promotions in particular – are commonplace.

Unlike some of the other examples mentioned here, holiday promotions are usually planned a full year in advance, with an entire marketing campaign built around them. That being the case, you can probably find such promotions fairly easily by just paying attention to local media outlets.


Internet Deals

The points noted above only apply to local brick-and-mortar stores. It applies to them because, as mentioned previously, the issue of managing stock is a significant concern. Internet-based retailers tend to work differently, though. One reason for this is the fact that, having centralized storage and no retail storefronts, their logistics are less problematic.

There is a growing trend among mattress manufacturers to cut out the retailer altogether and sell directly to buyers, shipping mattresses directly to people’s doors. These manufacturers tend to maintain a single price for their product. When they do offer promotions, though, those promotions tend to be easy to find, usually displayed directly on the company’s website.

Other Internet deals may be available on places like eBay and Amazon, as well as the websites of specific online sellers. For any deals you may find online, make sure that the company you are dealing with is reputable. Mattresses are expensive products, so it is important to purchase them only from sellers who you are convinced will safely deliver the product to you.


Keeping an Eye on the Market

There is no specific “best time” to purchase a new mattress. You should be able to find good promotions throughout the year – at least one per quarter in your local area. The trick is to keep an eye on the market by watching for advertisements and banners. When you do see these opportunities, be sure to jump on them as soon as you can.

By putting forth a little effort and showing how market-savvy you can be, you can easily save hundreds of dollars on your next mattress purchase. So, have no fear: go find those killer mattress deals!

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