Newton Crib Mattress: Everything You Need To Know

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Parents searching for a crib mattress for their new little one may want to consider the product made by Newton. This company manufactures the Newton crib mattress for babies and toddlers. Founded by Michael Rothbard, the goal of the organization is to provide a high-quality mattress for parents which is both safe and comfortable. The team is comprised of individuals with experience in sleep, design and parenting.

The Newton Crib Mattress Product

The mattress made by Newton features Wovenaire technology. This process uses polymer which is food grade for safety and is extruded into water where a 3D shape is produced. The result is fabric which happens to be almost entirely made up of air.

Two layers of fabric have been quilted to create a highly-breathable cover which is almost like sleeping on air. The core is made of the Wovenaire technology with the result 90 percent air and the other 10 percent polymer. What you get is a comfortable mattress similar to foam without any of the risks.

One of the main differences in the Newton baby mattress is what it doesn’t include. There are no springs, latex or foam, or the glue that holds it all in place. What this means for parents is no gasses or toxic chemicals are released. With no allergens, your baby is safer and healthier.

Who Can Use a Newton Crib Mattress?

Parents of all newborns can benefit from a Newton crib mattress to start their baby on a healthy path for life. They won’t have as many worries of toxic chemicals or allergens causing breathing issues or other distress for their little one.

Because the mattress is washable, you can continue to use it as your baby grows. The product is strong enough for the rambunctious toddler, and then you can use it for a second child as well.

This crib mattress is also ideal for families who have babies with health issues. Some infants are more sensitive than others, and the hypo-allergenic nature of the mattress ensures greater relief when they are sleeping.

Parents who are concerned about their child’s safety will find this product a beneficial purchase. Many times, they have concerns about SIDS and other health issues for their little one, and this mattress helps reduce those risks. Because the baby can breathe through the fabric, they are at a reduced likelihood of suffocation.

The Benefits of a Newton Crib Mattress

Whether you’re looking for a baby or toddler mattress, you’ll appreciate all this product has to offer. Numerous benefits make it the optimal choice for expectant or new parents. Even if you have a toddler, you may decide it’s time to purchase a new mattress.

  • Air flow – because of the unique design of the memory foam crib mattress, it allows more air to flow, which improves circulation for the little one and helps reduce the risk of suffocation
  • Regulates temperature – your baby won’t get too hot when sleeping, which means a more restful sleep; overheating is a serious concern for parents and pediatricians, and this mattress helps allow the heat from your infant’s body to dissipate
  • Washable – if your baby spits up or has an accident, you just wipe it clean and it’s ready to use; also less chance for bacteria to grow which can increase the risk of infections and chronic respiratory problems
  • Recyclable – this mattress is made of materials which are 100 percent recyclable, allowing you to feel good about your purchase and its effect on the environment
  • No Toxicity – the mattress is Green Guard certified, which means it is free from toxic chemicals and off-gassing; does not contain any chemical fire retardants, but uses natural substances to meet fire safety standards

Details about the Newton Crib Mattress

You can purchase the mattress from the Newton website where you will receive a 100-day free trial to ensure your satisfaction. If you aren’t happy with your selection during your 100 nights of sleep, you can return it and get a complete refund. Select either the standard or mini size for your crib. The standard size comes in grey, white, pink or blue. White is the only color for the mini size mattress.

This mattress is also affordable with a cost of $299.99 for the standard size and $249.99 for the mini. Since it can last for years, you won’t have to replace it as your baby grows into a toddler or when you have more children. Newton also provides financing options so you don’t have to make the entire payment at once, which can be beneficial for new parents.

You can purchase special crib sheets for the mattress which enhances its performance. In addition to online purchases, buybuyBaby stores and giggle locations carry the product. Some specialty stores also have the Newton crib mattress. You can contact the customer service department to find out which retail location is in your area.

The Verdict on the Newton Crib Mattress

When you look at the facts about this baby mattress, you’ll quickly see why it’s a sound option for parents with newborns, babies or even toddlers. The design of the product ensures it provides a comfortable place for your little one to sleep, which can enhance their mental and physical health.

This mattress is also a non-toxic, chemical-free choice for parents who are concerned about the materials that come into contact with their baby’s skin. By using the Newton product instead of traditional crib mattresses, you can prevent some of the health issues common with babies and alleviate problems for those who already have a medical condition.

With financing available, the Newton baby mattress is an affordable choice even for parents who are on a limited budget due to all of the expenses that come with having a new member of the family. This is one product that offers numerous benefits for parents who want only the best for their child and are concerned about both safety and comfort for the baby they have welcomed into their lives.

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