7 Reasons Why Letting Your Dog Sleep In Bed With You Is Beneficial

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Owning a dog is beneficial to your health. According to a study done by Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona, they found that 41% of people who shared a bed or bedroom with their pet reported to have better sleep.

If you are still thinking of doing this, this blog might help you decide!

Here are some of the main findings the study states and my opinions on them!

  1. Your buddy feels safer

Did you ever feel insecure in your own home? I did! There are times I would feel like its not safe when I’m home alone. This is the first reason why I wanted to get a pet pup. People who let their dog sleep beside them helps lessen the fear of being alone during the night. When I considered letting my dog sleep beside me, I felt like I had a guardian and it really helped me through the nights. The only reason for this is because I felt like I have a companion and I know that she can alert and protect me in case of intruders.

  1. They help lessen the stress

When I feel anxious or stressed from work, the first thing I do when I get home is to greet my dog. The joy in her eyes just makes me feel calm and happy. What is amazing is it doesn’t stop with the greeting. She makes me feel relaxed especially when getting to bed. She knows exactly when to jump right in to the bed. And, this is the moment when I am at my most-relaxed state.

  1. Your dog feels happier

It’s not just us who feels the happiness, relaxation, calmness and security when they sleep beside us. They feel it too. Having you beside your pet while sleeping makes them completely happy and causes their mental health to be improved.

  1. The night is warmer! 

If you really sleep alone, the best way to warm up at night is to have your dog beside you. The warmest kind of heat is the body and it is best to have a companion on the bed to make you feel warm during the night. Amazing! Your dog can do that for you so you don’t have to worry on the cold nights.


  1. A reduced risk of depression

Dogs love unconditionally. If you’ve watched “Hachiko” you will see a heartbreaking story because of the dog’s love to his owner. They are loyal and very loving and as an individual, I could say that I am now happier compare to the times when I didn’t have my dog.

  1. Comfort on your sleep

Not to mention the comfort! This is very applicable to people who are living alone. You feel the safety and comfort when lying down, this happens when you have someone you love beside you. The combination of fluffiness, cuteness, warmness, love and happiness will make your sleep very comfortable.

  1. Better Sleep

I have insomnia and often experience trouble sleeping when work gets stressful. The best part of my day will always be on my bed with my dog. It has been proven that you’ll get more sleep when you have that fluffy one beside you.

So if you have a dog have them join you on your bed. If you are still deciding to adopt one and you have troubles with sleeping, now is the best time to have one!


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Alexander Jacques Sabucido - June 15, 2019 Reply

The points in this article would be a huge help for you to make it easier letting your dogs sleep in your bed.

Bullmatian - June 15, 2019 Reply

There are actual health benefits to letting your four-legged best friend spend the night, and it isn t just you who s better for all that cuddle time .

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