Dreamfinity Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pillow Review

If you’re spending another sleepless night Googling how to improve your sleep quality, your search may just finally be over. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at an affordable and full-featured memory foam pillow that’s taken the internet by storm.

Thousands of people just like you have turned to Dreamfinity in their search for the perfect pillow, and most are very pleased with their purchase. Our Dreamfinity Cooling Gel and Memory Foam pillow review will cover everything you’ll need to know. Read on and decide if this pillow holds the key to more comfortable sleep for you.

What Is It?

The Dreamfinity Cooling Gel and Memory Foam pillow is an affordable standard sized pillow. It features a unique surface with cooling gel on one side and polyfill on the other; this allows you to choose between the modern feel of a memory foam pillow on one side or the traditional feel of a standard polyfill pillow on the other.

If consumer reviews are any indication, this pillow is comfortable, and can help virtually anyone achieve better sleep, regardless of their sleeping position or sleep habits.

Key Product Specs

This Dreamfinity pillow is packed with high-end components that deliver great value for the money.

  • Made from premium memory foam, Hyrdaluxe cooling gel, and traditional poly fiberfill.
  • Pillow cover is 85% polyester and contains 15% spandex
  • Measures 24x15x5 and weighs 6 pounds

Key Product Features

Can this pillow really help you achieve better sleep? Here’s a closer look at the Dreamfinity pillow’s most important features.

  • Best of both worlds: One side features 2.5” of high-density memory foam with a cooling gel top, while the other side features 2.5” of polyfill for a traditional pillow feel
  • Perfect for those who “sleep hot”: The Hydraluxe cooling gel helps to distribute heat away from the body to keep you cool all night long
  • Durable: Compared to standard polyfill pillows, this pillow from Dreamfinity holds its shape and remains comfortable for much longer
  • Pain relieving: Ideal for those who suffer from neck pain because they’re receiving insufficient support from traditional pillows

Our Dreamfinity Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pillow Review

When it comes to pillows like this offering from Dreamfinity, they often run over $100. While it’s tough to put a price on a good night’s sleep, spending over $100 on a pillow does seem a little over the top.

Thankfully, the folks at Dreamfinity have managed to create a memory foam and cooling gel pillow that blends cutting-edge technology and intuitive features at a price point that’s less than half of some of the more expensive options on the market.

Each pillow features two sides: a side that features high-density memory foam with a Hydraluxe cooling gel top, and a side that features polyfill and has the feel of a traditional pillow.

This feature may be ideal for those who are unsure about whether memory foam is for them since they’ll be able to flip the pillow over to the polyfill side if they prefer.

The Hydraluxe cooling gel top does a great job of keeping the pillow cool by wicking body heat away from the pillow. If you often wake up in the middle of the night because you’re hot or sweating, this pillow may be the key to a better night’s sleep for you.

While the pillow isn’t washable and can only be spot cleaned, the pillow’s cover is machine washable, so you’ll be able to throw the cover in the wash whenever it needs to freshen up a bit.

When I first unpacked my pillow, I did notice a bit of a chemical smell. Many other reviewers have shared similar sentiments, and this has also been my experience with other memory foam pillows. The manufacturer recommends that you lit the pillow sit and degas for three days before use.

Pros of the Dreamfinity Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

  • No more tossing and turning to get your pillow “just right”
  • Keeps its shape and fullness much better than traditional polyfill pillows
  • Two unique sleeping surfaces to suit the needs of different types of sleepers
  • Cooling gel keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night
  • More affordable than most memory foam and cooling gel pillows

Cons of the Dreamfinity Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

  • Not machine washable – this pillow is spot clean only
  • May not be firm enough on either side for those who prefer a firm pillow
  • Has an initial chemical smell, which isn’t uncommon for gel and memory foam pillows

Similar Products

Fortunately, it’s easier to find an affordable memory foam pillow than ever before. The Dreamfinity Cooling Gel and Memory Foam pillow is one of the most popular, but there are other options you may want to look into before making your decision.

Classic Brands Reversible Memory Foam and Cooling Gel Pillow

This pillow from Classic Brands is one of the most affordable alternatives on the market. It features memory foam and cooling gel, just like the Dreamfinity version. However, it does not have a polyfill side like the Dreamfinity model does.

If you prefer a firm pillow, this pillow may be a great alternative for you as it’s considerably more firm than the Dreamfinity pillow. The opposite side of the pillow is made of memory foam without cooling gel, and it’s softer than the cooling gel side. However, using this side eliminates the usefulness of the cooling gel.

This pillow does take a bit longer than average to off gas when you first get it, and it has a 3” loft which may not be tall enough for some people. All things considered, it’s still one of the most affordable and value-packed introductions to the cooling gel pillow world.

Perfect Cloud Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

If you’re looking for a cooling gel memory foam pillow, but you’re worried you won’t like the one you choose, this pillow from Perfect Cloud may be ideal for you.

With a 30 day in-home trial period and a ten-year warranty, Perfect Cloud stands behind their products better than most companies.

While this pillow doesn’t have the polyfill side like the Dreamfinity pillow, it does share many characteristics, including high-density memory foam and cooling gel and a removable cover. The cover is particularly luxurious and has a diamond tuck pattern with mesh side panels for increased breathability.

This pillow from Perfect Cloud is more expensive than the Dreamfinity, but if you’re interested in the at-home trial period and long warranty, it may be worth the extra money.

Final Words

The Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Memory Foam pillow combines high-performance materials and desirable features to create a luxurious pillow for less than half the price of most competitors.

Most people find that this pillow delivers great value and features and it’s ideal for their needs. However, if you’re looking for an extra firm pillow, this may not be the best choice for you.

If you’re in the market for a memory foam pillow with cooling gel, the Dreamfinity pillow is certainly one you’ll want to take a closer look at.

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