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Feel Like Taking a Nap After Lunch? Do It, It’s Good For You!

You might have noticed that during mid day, you would always be a sleepy head. This happens mostly in between 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Is this right? If you are somewhere during the day and you felt very sleepy, go some place where you can take a nap.Taking a nap will help ease the feeling almost immediately and would also give you enough energy to make it through the day.

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Is Sleeping On The Left Side Of Your Body Beneficial?

Most of us sleep on whichever side we are comfortable. A long time ago, I had no idea that sleeping on the left side is beneficial to our health until I consulted my doctor after experiencing sleep issues. If you’re struggling to find the best sleeping position, try sleeping on your left side for a change!

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10 Things You Must Know About Sleep Paralysis

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For centuries, the experience was called “night-mare” (picture a demonic-looking horse). It was an apt name.

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7 Reasons Why Letting Your Dog Sleep In Bed With You Is Beneficial

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Owning a dog is beneficial to your health. According to a study done by Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona, they found that 41% of people who shared a bed or bedroom with their pet reported to have better sleep.

If you are still thinking of doing this, this blog might help you decide!

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