The 7 Best Backrest Pillows of 2019

Have you ever randomly decided to watch a movie or sit down to enjoy a good book? As someone who has done this… multiple times, I have come to realize that it can be difficult finding a comfortable place to do this. Sitting up in bed with a regular pillow or laying on your side for long periods of time made my elbows and hips sore. When look around online for solutions to this, I came across a great way to make my relax time all the more relaxing – the backrest pillow. If you are in the same boat as me, here are my recommendations for the best backrest pillows you can find on the market currently.

  1. MittaGonG

The MittaGonG backrest pillow is a stylish pillow that is flexible for providing you with comfort during your leisure time. It’s larger than the average backrest pillow and filled with shredded memory foam to provide enough support while remaining sturdy. It comes with two arm pockets for holding your phone as well as a handle on top making it easy to move from room to room. Lastly, it has a soft crystal velvet fabric and the entire cover is removable and able to be easily washed.



  1. Everlasting Comfort

This is a different backrest pillow than the rest but if you ever watch movies or shows at your computer, then you might want to check this one out. The Everlasting Comfort pillow has two straps on the back to be attached to a car or computer/office chair. It’s made of memory foam with an ergonomic design to provide lumbar support and target back pain that can be the result of long sitting periods or slouching in your chair. With a lifetime replacement guarantee you don’t have to look anywhere else to help find comfort in your chair.


  1. Milliard

The Milliard backrest pillow is another high quality backrest pillow. It follows the standard for regular memory foam pillows in that adjustability is key. It comes in three different sizes depending on your need. It can also be further adjusted by opening it up and taking out or putting in stuffing until you find the perfect firmness that you desire. Like the others, it comes with a convenient carry handle and washable removable cover. If you are one who likes versatility in their pillows, then we highly recommend the Milliard pillow.



  1. Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest

The thing that sets this backrest pillow apart is its size. It has a lot larger space than most others on the market and is available in many different colors. The large space it provides ensures you have enough lounging room as well as being big enough to provide total back and head support while watching TV or reading. It is filled with polyester fiber while the cover is a sturdy polyester brushed twill fabric. The cover is not removable and you have to spot clean it with a damp cloth but that doesn’t take away how roomy and comfortable this pillow truly is.



  1.  Brookstone NAP Bed Rest

Like the Brentwood pillow, the NAP pillow is larger in size but provides a unique design. There is a lot to like about this pillow. It has a high back for support, large side pockets, and even a cup holder! The best thing I like about this pillow is the arm rests. Unlike other backrest pillows, the armrests are locked and sturdy like you are sitting in a movie chair. The downside is that it’s less flexible than the standard backrest pillow since you have less room to move around. However the back can be folded down to become compact and easy to store. If you are someone who doesn’t like their backrest pillow moving around a lot, the comfort and utility of this pillow can not be beat.




The LINENSPA backrest pillow has been the number 1 best seller for a while. It’s filled with shredded memory foam is an overall very basic design. So what makes this pillow special? I had trouble figuring out why I liked this pillow so much. In the most simplest terms, it’s just comfortable. The pillow has a very nice ratio of softness to firmness. It has a very large back section and has enough filling to be sturdy and soft enough to be able to sink in when I lean back comfortably. Even though the design is basic, it is easy to tell that the quality of this pillow is high when you have experienced Target and WalMart backrest pillows.


  1. Husband Pillow

The husband pillow seems to be a culmination of all the things that I like in a backrest pillow. First, it’s large with the ability to adjust by removing memory foam. It comes with side pockets on the arm for your phone as well as even having a back pocket that is large enough to store your tablet, magazines or books. Its cover is removable for washing and even has a detachable neck roll for extra comfort. Combine that with 15 different color variations you have everything you could want in a pillow while being comfortable at the same time!

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