12 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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Bright Side gave a few tips on how to get a good sleep every night. Having lack of sleep makes our mind restless.

12. The wrong air temperature

Sleeping on a wrong temperature makes the body uncomfortable. The ideal temperature is 60-75°.



11. Physical Exercise

Working out stimulates the nerves and makes you energetic. That makes it hard to fall asleep after a session in the gym.






10. Lack of Schedule

Your body needs a certain amount of rest. It is impossible to catch up during weekends. Go to bed on the same time every night.




9. Lighting

Lighting could affect your sleep with dreams and deeper sleep. Put on a sleeping mask.




8. Noise

Any kind of noise prevents the body to rest and disturbs a nice sleep. Use earplugs or white noise to help.




7. Using the bed for the wrong purpose

Many people use their beds as a workplace which makes them sleep uneasy. Separate your phone or laptop while sleeping.




6. Caffeine

Everyone knows the food or drinks that makes you lessen the chances of falling asleep. You need to take fewer food or drinks in the evening.



5. Making yourself fall asleep

Wanting to fall asleep because you need to wake up early. This is often but the more you try hard to sleep, the more you’ll have a hard time. Read books, real books to make it more effective. E-books won’t help but kindle-type devices will work just fine.



4. Alcohol

Alcohol helps you sleep faster, however, makes you feel tired and exhausted when you wake up. Alcohol in-take should not be less than 2 hours before sleep.




3. Mind Overload

Overloaded thoughts and mind blowing reports before sleeping makes your mind on-going. It causes low sleep quality and tiredness. Empty your mind or direct your thoughts at something else. Try counting sheeps, cars, or recall names from A-Z.



2. Absence of Habit

Lack of rituals and time for reflection before going to bed results to tiredness on the next day. Listen to music, take a bath with warm water. Avoid hot bath as it will cause metabolism acceleration and you’ll have a hard time sleeping.



1. Sleep Position

Going to sleep on uncomfortable position with or without a companion, causes stress to the body which results to lack of sleep. Look for a position that you’ll feel your most comfortable position.

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