The 7 Best Backrest Pillows of 2019

Have you ever randomly decided to watch a movie or sit down to enjoy a good book? As someone who has done this… multiple times, I have come to realize that it can be difficult finding a comfortable place to do this. Sitting up in bed with a regular pillow or laying on your side for long periods of time made my elbows and hips sore. When look around online for solutions to this, I came across a great way to make my relax time all the more relaxing – the backrest pillow. If you are in the same boat as me, here are my recommendations for the best backrest pillows you can find on the market currently.

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What is the Best Bamboo Pillow: The Best Place to Lay Your Head

Don’t even bother saying it! You can’t remember the last time you woke up without a grinding crick in your neck. You’re tired of looking at the world cock-eyed because you can’t turn your head. Besides that, your shoulders feel bunched and hunched and your back isn’t doing well either!

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Pillow Size Does Matter: Which is Right for You?

So, you’ve finally decided to ditch that sad, flat excuse for a pillow that has had a home on your bed for the last three years. Well done! You’ve made a good choice.

It has been a while since you’ve last been pillow shopping. Chances are, you tested your luck with Google and quickly became overwhelmed by the different materials, sizes, and sheer magnitude of selection out there. We feel your pain.

Does the size of a pillow matter? Is a pillow even that important? What’s all of this fuss about memory foam?

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Feel Like Taking a Nap After Lunch? Do It, It’s Good For You!

You might have noticed that during mid day, you would always be a sleepy head. This happens mostly in between 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Is this right? If you are somewhere during the day and you felt very sleepy, go some place where you can take a nap.Taking a nap will help ease the feeling almost immediately and would also give you enough energy to make it through the day.

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Is Sleeping On The Left Side Of Your Body Beneficial?

Most of us sleep on whichever side we are comfortable. A long time ago, I had no idea that sleeping on the left side is beneficial to our health until I consulted my doctor after experiencing sleep issues. If you’re struggling to find the best sleeping position, try sleeping on your left side for a change!

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The Best Firm Pillows For Side Sleepers

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Have you been springing out of bed each morning pain-free, or have you been struggling to get moving because of poor sleep and pain? If you’ve reached our site because sleep-related pain caused you to Google solutions, you’ve landed in the perfect place. We’ll explore sleeping and pain, and we’ll look at the best firm pillows for side sleepers. You’re already on your way to better sleep and better days.Continue reading

10 Things You Must Know About Sleep Paralysis

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For centuries, the experience was called “night-mare” (picture a demonic-looking horse). It was an apt name.

You know those accounts of people being abducted by aliens in their sleep? How they feel themselves caught in a tractor beam, how they can see bright light, and how they are frozen, unable to move or call out for help?Continue reading